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A man worships God in spirit, when, under the influence of the Holy Ghost, he brings all his affections, appetites, and desires to the throne of God; and he worships him in truth, when every purpose and passion of his heart, and when every act of his religious worship, is guided and regulated by the word of God.
Clarke’s Commentary


Happy Thursday!

As believers it is important that we don’t get consumed by the overwhelming heartbeat of this world. There is a tension that must be maintained when it comes to the flow of the world, being relevant, contextualized, and relatable is important but we cannot and must not compromise the Truth. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about the reconciliation of God’s Love and Wrath. Peoples view of God over the course of history has continually shifted and molded to the culture or personal desires. Men and women for thousands of years have taken bits and pieces of the bible and molded God into whatever they want Him to be and have missed the beauty of His Love and Wrath. 

God Loves all of His creation regardless of our choice to follow Him or not. Dallas Willard defines Love as this, “To will the good of another.”; it’s not primarily an emotion. Love is a desire for the well-being of another, so much so that personal sacrifice would not stand in its way. The Love of God is not an emotion that waxes or wanes.

The Wrath of God is not irrationally full of rage and ready to “make heads roll” but is consistent opposition to sin and evil. God is fiercely and forcefully opposed to the things that destroy His precious people. God is not indecisive when it comes to evil, He hates all forms of it! 

This is beautiful when you really think about it. Our God, Loves us so much that He hates EVERYTHING that will harm, destroy, hurt, or confuse us. I love the fact that we have a creator who is continually working all things out for our good….

This video speaks to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is continually growing and speeding up the older we get. Have you ever noticed the margins in a book, or been annoyed with a teacher who wants different margins other than what is default in Microsoft Word? Have you ever seen a paper with no margins? or read a book with no margins? It looks cluttered, busy, overwhelming, and is really easy to lose your place. This is the same in our lives! If we do not have margins, or empty space to just be with God, family, friends, or time to rest we will burn out, fast. 

This is my commitment to God to have margins in my life on a regular basis so I can just be and listen to Him speak and lead. 

Rolled Together

Christianity is all about God favoring you by grace, taking nobody from nowhere and giving them love, that’s what he does, that’s what he does. That’s why we can’t stop singing of how wonderful this God is.

God uses everything for good, because He is THAT Good.

Altitude 4,733,538

As I continue to climb
Everything comes to mind
I want to win
but it’s hard to pull ahead
When you’re so far behind
So I’ll run this race
I’ll continue to try
This embarrassment of being out of shape
Makes for the hardest of climbs 

Every rock and foothold
Seems to take me closer to the unknown
The terrain gets pretty crazy
And my knees haven’t ceased to ache
Since I found my wish
And continue to climb
When right at what seemed to be the peak
I peek ahead and you gave no sign
That I could ever win 

That kind of closeness 
Has only come in my dreams
Which use to speak so clearly
Now only seem to delude
Wishful thinking I could never be so bold
Even though the terrain is cracked and hard
I’ll continue to press on
Even though my knees hurt and my hands are marred
I’ll continue to press on 

But even after my skin peels off
In shreds or sheets like
Dirt and spittle and scales caked to dead eyes,
Caked to blood-red eyes,
Even after I have been magnified into
A pile of bones in the dirt,
After my skin drops off like a jacket
I will feel God’s warmth on my shoulders;
Even after I’ve been dead a thousand years,
I will still get goosebumps
When He even just mentions my name.